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Financial advice in France

Siddalls has been in France since 1996, advising all kinds of people as they build a new life across the Channel. Our Head Office is based near Bordeaux and we have an office in the south with a network of consultants all over France – so help is never far away, wherever you’re setting up ‘chez nous’.

So if you’re moving to France or already living in France, you need guidance from people who know how the land lies, and who understand where you’re coming from.

Moving to France

At Siddalls, we understand all the implications of relocating abroad. To help you start thinking about them clearly, we've put together a 'moving to France' checklist.

You may also find it useful to look at our top ten most-asked questions.

Living in franceLiving in France

Among the services we offer, the main ones you're likely to need in France are:

Our closest neighbours are still very different from us in many ways – especially in their laws and systems relating to investments, property and inheritance. Find out more on how we can help you...

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